Just as British pale ales brewed to higher gravity to survive the seafaring voyage to India became known as India pale ales, British porters fortified with extra alcohol to survive the sojourn to various ports in the Baltic Sea (Estonia, Lithuania, and, er, Ukrania) became known as Baltic porters. Later, once they started to be brewed in the Baltics, brewers switched from top-fermenting yeast to the bottom-fermenting strains that dig colder temperatures. Hence, neo-traditional Baltic porters are technically lagers, though missing the crisp, clean flavors associated with refreshing summer lagers. Lompoc once again brings out its Batch 69 as a spring seasonal offering. It pours a cola brown and, while it opens with dark roasted coffee notes, warms to a flavor of what might be called an imperial nut brown ale. Not sure why this 7.7 percent boozer equates to a spring beer, but so long as you're enjoying the warmer, longer evenings around your fire pit, this certainly complements toasted marshmallows. Recommended.