Previously only available on draft in the odd bar, Anthem Cider is now being bottled and sold under its own slickly designed label. The inaugural release of the new line from Salem cidery Wandering Aengus offers four varieties—we bought one bottle of each for $10 total at the PSU Farmers Market. The plain apple, cherry and pear versions were all good, but it's Anthem's hopped cider that's the surprise pick of the litter. Settle down, hop heads, this is not the 120 IBU smack in the face you're looking for in some silly triple IPA. The hops here are subtle, but balance the sweetness of the basic cider really nicely, adding a greater depth of flavor and nice kick at the back of the palate—like a slightly tart Granny Smith apple, fresh off the tree. One word of warning: while the others are sippers, this drink is almost dangerously easy to knock back on a warm spring day. At 6 percent ABV, you might want to pour it over ice and take it slow. Recommended.