Mountain Rescue Pale Ale is a hybrid. The idea, GoodLife Brewing says, was to create a beer without either the hoppiness of an IPA or the maltiness of an amber. In this, the new Bend brewery succeeded. Made using an unusual brewing technique in which a massive pile of hops is added after the wort is boiled instead of at other points in the process, this pale ale is more astringent than floral or spicy. The technique, which GoodLife calls "hop bursting," may help create the strong orange scent that's the bottle's best moment. After that sniff, though, it's all pointless burn. GoodLife says Mountain Rescue has only 40 bitterness units, but the harsh resins register more like 80. I'd say it's like drinking the Dollar Tree's Awesome Orange cleaner, except that probably tastes a little like oranges. True to the label, though, there's nothing malty or hoppy here. Not recommended.