This isn't an election, this is a coronation ["Novick Unchained," WW, May 2, 2012].

It's really unfortunate (and sleazy) that Randy Leonard gave [Steve] Novick advance notice that he was leaving, which scared away other serious candidates.

Now we have a guy walking around spewing ideas out left and right without really caring who he offends. Based on this story, he wants to let criminals out of jail so he can save money and spend it on his pet projects. (?)

He'll be elected no matter what. A really sad day for this city. A competitive election would force some serious debate about the issues. Rather, we have an arrogant jerk celebrating his victory before the election.


Based on this article, Novick doesn't seem like he's serious about becoming city commissioner. His responses and comments seem like that of someone who won the lottery. Our city needs leadership, not some wannabe celebrity.

—"Your Buddy"

Steve is a very smart guy running for the right office. He knows absolutely nothing about criminal-justice policy and is pandering to those in his district who detest the sentencing reforms—yes, sending rapists to prison is a reform. As a city councilman, he will have very little influence over state criminal-justice policy, which is a good thing. Because no matter how smart and quirky he may be, this is a subject about which he has no real-world experience.


Steve is picking up right where Randy left off, which is a terrible thing for our city. The last thing we need is an entrenched incumbent who isn't even an incumbent yet.

—"JJ Gildersneeze"


Nice work capturing some of the essence of the Willamette in the Portland area ["Take Me to the River," WW, May 2, 2012].

It is important to embrace and understand both the river's needs in terms of improvement and to understand what the river provides to all of us. It is also great to see how people connect to the river.

—Travis Williams
Riverkeeper and executive director,
Willamette Riverkeeper


What are they thinking, appointing the lawyer whose firm represents the prime lottery retailer in Oregon to become the new [Lottery] Commission chairman? ["Gambling on a New Lottery Boss," WW, May 2, 2012.]

Do they really believe that it's not a conflict of interest? I certainly do and believe this is the wrong way to run effective, transparent government. Shame on [Gov. John] Kitzhaber.


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