"Hey, do you want to know your Native American spirit animal?" No, transplant dork, I do not. ["Best New Band," WW, May 9, 2012.]

This is actually the Top Ten Hipster Douche Bands, correct? This town had a music scene before this self-serving joke that is the current one. That's OK, I don't need to know the new local "it"-scene band. I'm good.

We used to be known for cutting-edge bands; now we are known for emo and hipster trash and whatever it is that Zooey Deschanel does.


My favorite part about the annual Best New Band issue? The same unoriginal comments complaining about the lack of originality of the list. Every. Year. It makes me giggle. Carry on.


Same, incestuous stuff. Open your eyes, Portland. Your [music] scene is not as awesome as you think it is.


Listening to this music, I wish I had stock in the company that produces reverb machines. 

—"James Miller"

It's all the same over-effected, uninspired ehh. There's a lot of outstanding talent in the Northwest. Why can't WW's music insiders ever seem to find it?


So bummed the Hudson Brothers didn't place. 



So Jefferson Smith is the only mayoral candidate who has actually created any jobs and who hasn't stretched the truth about his own record ["Scrubbing All Their Jobs Talk," WW, May 9, 2012].

He should be elected just to send the message "stop the BS" to politicians.

—"Dean Packer"

Employing a person is not necessarily creating a job. To create a job requires creating a new source of revenue that supports a new position. Taking over the grocery market does not create jobs.

New Seasons didn't create any grocery-store jobs—it replaced Albertsons and Thriftway and other grocery-store jobs. (Whether they are "better" is arguable—good benefits, but non-union....)



This article does seem negatively biased ["Salt & Straw," WW, May 9, 2012]. It sounds like the writer came into the shop looking for things to complain about.

My kids and I love Salt & Straw; they usually get the chocolate with gooey brownies.


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