Willem Dafoe hunts a rare tiger in the jungles of Tasmania? Sign me the fuck up! Like The Grey, whose trailer insinuated Liam Neeson would spend the movie killing wolves with his bare hands, a one-line synopsis of Daniel Nettheim's outback thriller The Hunter suggests a crazed free-for-all that may or may not end with Dafoe devouring the still-beating heart of his four-legged foe. It doesn't quite turn out that way. Instead of depicting a crazed descent into primal madness, the film winds up the story of regained humanity, with Dafoe giving a largely internalized performance, played through his eyes and the deep trenches carved into his skin.

  • Showing at: Mission Theater.
  • Best paired with: Terminator Stout.
  • Also showing: The Killing (Laurelhurst).