The Wood Village casino promoters keep coming back, like the clap ["Trying to Beat the Odds," WW, May 16, 2012].

The water slide and other family attractions are honey traps for future gamblers—your children.

They'll bait the teenagers and young adults with prizes like fabulous cars...come on in as soon as you have an adult ID and try your luck...

It's a shame to see the political whores staffing this, very disappointing.

This one is going to go down in defeat like the last. We'll fight this until [Matt] Rossman and [Bruce] Studer go broke, looks like.

—"sean cruz"

If they want to sell Wood Village down the evil path so badly, they should first sell out their own neighbors in Wilsonville, Charbonneau, Lake Oswego and West Linn. Let's get rid of a fancy golf course so we can invite more crime and debauchery into our quiet community.


If they want an off-reservation [casino] so bad, put the darn thing in Lake Oswego.



Please, oh, please don't try roasting coffee at home with a spatula and skillet and call it "quality" ["Devour: A hungry shopper's guide to Portland," WW, May 16, 2012].

I'm sure Mr. Green Beans can recommend better ways and equipment to use if you are interested in home roasting as a hobby, but why not support the myriad of local roasters who are doing a great job of roasting the best coffee available and educating consumers about how great coffee can taste?

Anyway, thanks for the piece, some nice recommendations in here (other than the aforementioned "skillet roasting").



You seem to have concluded that the helicopters are there because they are there ["Dr. Know," WW, May 16, 2012]. But, like any good American scholar, you seemed to have done some research to arrive at this unusable information. Well done.

Perhaps Facebook or these other overvalued ethereal production companies could use someone of your baffling skill set to formulate more of these abstract service products that do nothing and bring no real value to the physical world.

As a member of the international liberal-media-Illuminati-Herbalife conspiracy, these untouchables might even welcome you to participate in the fabrication of political figures or idyllic characters. Who knows, you could even make it be the next talking-head sound-bite sentence-feeder.

—"John Cobaine"

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