The title of Jeff, Who Lives at Home tells you a lot about what sort of movie this might be: downtrodden, acerbic, commuting between office parks and Mom's basement. And for the first 45 minutes, it confirms those suspicions in spades. Jason Segel plays Jeff, Baton Rouge bong aficionado and holy fool. It often seems like he's using acting tips garnered from one of the more slack-jawed, tattered Muppets. Ed Helms, as his goateed brother Pat, is merely doing a Danny McBride imitation. Then the movie makes an unlikely pirouette, and becomes something bewitching and lovely. Are directors Mark and Jay Duplass suggesting, after all this grungy stasis, that some kind of change is possible? They are, and the movie walks boldly through that door.

  • Showing at: Laurelhurst.
  • Best paired with: Lucky Lab Super Dog IPA.
  • Also showing: Total Recall (Bagdad. 11 pm Friday, June 1.)