My children have finished school and college, but I would not be happy with young children being exposed to Wi-Fi in the classroom ["Wireless Waste," WW, June 20, 2012].

I use a mobile [phone], but certainly would not sleep with it next to my head at night. There is still not enough known about the potential adverse health effects of Wi-Fi and mobiles, including smartphones and cordless phones. Why aren't these products regulated by the FDA?


[David Mark] Morrison, you should be ashamed for taking funds away from a cash-strapped school district to further your pseudo-scientific agenda. You should also be ashamed for involving your daughter in this nonsense.... I hope you are required to pay back all of the funds you have compelled the school district to squander on this idiocy, and then you can tell your daughter why you can't afford to send her to college.



Of course we have drones in Portland! ["Spying the Friendly Skies," WW, June 20, 2012]. The Pacific Northwest is a hub of tech/military companies. Check out Insitu, FLIR, Hood Technology, and SightLine Applications.

If we are being spied on, it is because our neighbors designed the programs. Of course, they believe they are helping our military, but I promise they will not be happy when the technology they invented is used to spy on them.

—"Barbara Liles"


We can't get married. You can ["Screaming Ban Shes," WW, June 20, 2012]. So it is a completely douchebag maneuver (yes, girls can be douchebags, too) to invade a gay bar to celebrate the fact you're getting married.

You'll probably do it anyhow, and if asked say you're so, so sorry that we're second-class citizens and, gosh, we really need to get to work fixing that.

Just like I'll probably spill a bright red cocktail all over you and your veil, and be so, so very sorry you're an insensitive douchebag who thinks my inequality is someone else's problem.



If the claims in this article are true ["The Toll Under the Bridge," WW, June 20, 2012], and if congestion on the I-5 bridge is the problem that we are trying to solve, then the solution seems obvious to me.

Add a toll to the existing I-5 bridge, and scrap the plans for a new one. The toll reduces congestion, and no one takes on unnecessary debt.

Problem solved.


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