Whatever happened to kids just doing kid stuff? ["Teenage Wasteland," WW, July 4, 2012]. It's like you are implying if you are a teenager and not into watching bands or drinking coffee, then your life must suck.

Maybe you guys had a boring teenage life in your suckass Midwest town.

There is lots of stuff to do besides seeing crappy emo bands and smoking cigarettes.

—"Tom says this article..."

I have a few words about your review of Aliviar Coffeehouse: It SUCKS! ["Totally Grounded," WW, July 4, 2012].

The business is thriving and successful, is a staple of the Hollywood District, and has some of the best coffee in Portland.

The service is not "slow." You are. Either that or you are too hopped up on the downtown ADD lifestyle. Try taking less Ritalin next time.

Ethan Berleman
Northeast Portland

After reading this "article," I'm glad none of the subjects are allowed in the spots I frequent ["The Last Ring Pop," WW, July 4, 2012]. Couldn't you have featured decent writing, WW?



I can't believe this is newsworthy ["Red Card, WW, July 4, 2012]. Last year, [Jefferson Smith] had confrontations in pick-up sports. Great.

A respected Portland newspaper wastes space that could have been used to educate the public on some issue of consequence in their lives. Instead, we are treated to what is essentially watercooler gossip.

—"Nicholas Caleb"

Anyone who has ever known "that guy" who gets kicked out of rec leagues, more than once, knows that he's probably not the guy you want leading a major metropolitan city.


I'm not sure Portland can deal with another immature man-child as mayor. And this guy wants to be in charge of the Police Bureau? No thank you.


What's so unusual about pushing and punching at pick-up basketball games? When I played, that was the norm. If you didn't draw blood, it wasn't a foul.

Maybe the writer should go to some of the gyms and watch what really happens, then write about something that matters.

—"Larry Scruggs"

A pattern of behavior that strongly suggests the guy is a serial douchebag. Which makes his race against the serial liar [Charlie Hales] all the more distasteful.


—"RJ Bobby"

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