Horny teenagers deserve to die. It's the basic premise of the entire slasher genre, which arguably reached its apex with 1982's Friday the 13th Part 3. Mind you, that's not because it's any less of a mindless hack-a-thon than the other 9 million sequels. It's significant because it was shot in 3-D. In this entry, we are the horny teenagers, and we all deserve to get slaughtered with a meat cleaver. In the three decades since the movie's original release, three-dimensional film technology has grown more sophisticated, with auteurs like Ridley Scott and James Cameron using it to invent tactile new worlds. Also in that time, Jason has fought Freddy Krueger and been shot into space. Sometimes, crudity works best.

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  • Also showing: Days of Heaven (Laurelhurst), Grosse Point Blank (Academy).