My former boss, Steve Novick, just flunked logic ["Murmurs," WW, July 11, 2012]. Turns out he's not in charge of all energy use in "the region"; he's a player in protecting the PDX citizenry.

Coal exports will hurt us in many ways. While we work to transition the region's (and the city's) energy use to renewables, let's not hurt ourselves and others by making it worse. You're not (yet) a hypocrite, Steve, you just haven't thought this through. Sometimes you can outsmart yourself by being too quick with a quip.

Ted Gleichman
North Portland


I love how grassrootsy this election is ["City Slackers," WW, July 11, 2012]. Jefferson [Smith] is trying to build an unmatched connection with the city, and if his field campaigning is any indication, that is happening.

I hope this election is one in which Portland does not just choose its next mayor, but also one in which Portlanders get engaged and involved again. If that happens, good things will follow.

-—"Peter W"

How Jefferson Smith has convinced people he's all about East Portland, when in fact his record in the area is nonexistent, is baffling. Let's hope the voters in those areas look a little closer.


It makes sense that [Charlie] Hales only won the rich areas of Portland. He did say his last meal would be "scallops and an Oregon white wine." Yes, truly of the people, that one. Especially if he's eating his scallops and wine on his yacht!



Sam Adams is the mayor of Portland, not the mayor of Milwaukie or Clackamas County ["Gimme Shelter," WW, July 11, 2012]. He is protecting Portland. He chose to play hardball; if Metro doesn't like it, I'm sure they can choose their own brand of hardball to lobby back. Suck it up and stop whining. Did the cut to the [downtown] Free Rail Zone impact the Clackamas County economy? No.

If we're going to talk about fairness, how about Clackamas County ponying up some $ for the Sellwood Bridge?



Drive down the Sunset Highway and you will notice the rotting, gross scent of the recycling operation ["The Muck, Raked," WW, July 11, 2012]. I am surprised there are no lawsuits for loss of income and property values yet. I avoid the place except to drive by on the highway. What a shame!



The meanest, ugliest rats are still on Wall Street ["Ratlandia," WW, July 11, 2012].


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