It's well acknowledged that the best part of Grindhouse—the 2007 Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez experiment in throwback exploitation—were the fake trailers that buffered the actual films. It's also generally recognized that the worst thing about Grindhouse is the fact those trailers ended up spawning two feature-length movies. The whole point of a grindhouse trailer is that it gives the audience the most exposure anyone could ever need to the actual film, condensing the horrendous acting, shitty dialogue and laughable production values of low-budget '70s and '80s horror and martial-arts flicks to easily digestible quick hits of unintentional hilarity. The Hollywood Theatre's annual Grindhouse Trailer Spectacular understands this principle, stringing together 75 minutes' worth of gloriously wigged-out promos, and it's always a crazy blast.

  • Showing at: Hollywood Theatre. 7:30 pm Tuesday, July 31.
  • Best paired with: IPA.
  • Also showing: Wet Hot American Summer (Academy), The Deep (Laurelhurst).