The rover Curiosity lands on Mars this Sunday, bringing us one giant leap closer to colonizing the red planet. If airlines have told us anything, it's to expect a not-so-distant future where we're only allowed one carry-on bag and checking fees are enormous. So, what would you bring?

Billy Meiners

Age: 26

Occupation: Downhill skateboarder
  • Skateboard for transportation purposes
  • iPhone to stay connected with friends
  • Sunglasses
  • Bag of beef jerky
  • Knife to open bag of beef jerky
  • Water bottle
  • Fanny pack to carry knife, iPhone, beef jerky and sunglasses
Enrique E. Andrade

IMAGE: Enrique E. Andrade

Age: 39

Occupation: Court interpreter/actor/voice-over talent

  • Shakespeare’s complete works
  • Bilingual Bible
  • My journal
  • Picture of my mother and me
  • Kettle bell for exercising a little bit
  • Tibetan singing bowl for meditation
  • Bose noise-canceling earphones, though I don’t know if the Martians are noisy or not
  • Onyx massage ball from Mexico
  • My pen collection
  • iPad and microphone to record my impressions; hopefully there will be some sort of Wi-Fi, or else I’m in trouble
Pablo Lazatin

Age: 60

Occupation: Powell’s parking-lot attendant

  • Clothes
  • Towel
  • Pajamas
  • Toiletries
  • Picture of my family
  • Rosary 
  • Statue for praying
Mark Mason

Age: 57

Occupation: Trail Blazers’ public-address announcer

  • Satellite dish (I’m a news junkie.… OK, it’s so I don’t miss Blazers games)
  • iPhone (I can’t live without it)
  • GPS (I like to know where I am and how far I’ve gone. It’s a guy thing)
  • Air mattress (There are some comforts I won’t go without)
  • Skin lotion (I suspect it will be really dry; stolen from my wife)
  • Sunglasses
  • Night-vision goggles (You never know what’s up there on the dark side)
  • 6-pack of craft brew (It’ll be like currency)
  • Reading material

GO: Astronomy Day and Mars landing viewing is at OMSI, 1945 SE Water Ave., 797-4000, on Sunday, Aug. 5. 10 am-4 pm and 9 pm. Free.

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[BEER] Now in its 18th year, Rogue’s Bones and Brew Festival celebrates the blissful marriage that is barbecue and beer. Along with beers from over 30 craft breweries, there will be a barbecue competition, the kobe bleu ball-eating competition, a charity dog wash and, of course, a lot of barbecue to eat. Green Dragon, 928 SE 9th Ave., 517-0660, noon-9 pm Saturday, noon-5 pm. Sunday.


[MUSIC] Ride your skateboard (or your mom’s minivan) down to the Rose Quarter for Warped Tour, which this year features Rise Against, Pierce the Veil, Taking Back Sunday and a bunch of kids who look vaguely like Justin Bieber but are actually totes HRDCRE! Rose Quarter Riverfront, Aegean Lot, North Thunderbird Way. Noon. $31.50.