Dry-hopping is an increasingly popular brewing technique with pale ales and IPAs. Hops—usually milder varieties—are added during fermentation to enhance aroma and taste without bludgeoning the drinker's taste buds with bitter acids. When done well, the beer is a pleasure to your senses of taste and smell. When done poorly, the beer tastes like a freshly mowed lawn. When done blandly, you get Lompoc's Kick Axe Dry-Hopped Pale Ale. This gold-hued brew has a piney nose with an ever-so-slight hint of pineapple. True to form, it has a hoppy taste and aroma with a minimal bitter bite on the back end, just the lingering taste of generi-microbrew.  Some summer seasonals are among the crispest, most refreshing beers I've ever had, while others leave me uttering a subdued "meh." Kick Axe is in the latter category.