I don't usually see this type of bias in WW, but it's certainly evident in this article ["Mr. Smith Runs From Salem, WW, July 25, 2012]. [Jefferson Smith] saying "we need more police officers and more eyes on the street" has nothing to do with one's views on guns.

Being for guns isn't a bad thing. Being for guns in the hands of underage gangbangers is. And because [Smith] doesn't toe the party line about guns or other issues tells me that he's capable of independent thought, which is something we need much more of from our politicians.

As for not being endorsed by Planned Parenthood, even though he supports a woman's choice, how does that factor into not being progressive? Does he have control over who PP endorses?

It seems [the writers] have some biases they need to address.


C'mon, WW, you should be more sophisticated than that. You know that Planned Parenthood plays favorites for reasons having nothing to do with candidates' actual pro-choice beliefs and positions. For example, PP didn't endorse Steve Novick in 2008, or Amanda Fritz in 2012, both of whom were and are exemplary pro-choice candidates. Sadly, I have learned that the presence or absence of a Planned Parenthood endorsement is totally meaningless in assessing which candidates I might want to vote for.


Jefferson Smith's chief frustration in Salem is the same reason that becoming Portland's mayor is so attractive to him: He found out in Salem that he would have to share the microphone with 59 other House members. The mayor, however, can have a press conference every half hour, and can keep that microphone as long as he likes.

—"Sean Cruz"


There is no really good fish and chips place in Portland ["Cod Save the Queen," WW, July 25, 2012]. Halibut's is a disgrace considering the prices it charges.... Other places that have been consistently lauded (the Frying Scotsman, the Fish & Chip Shop) are too greasy and the batter is too puffy. Maybe this is what "real" fish and chips are like, but since when has Portland settled for authenticity, especially when it compromises flavor and quality?


You left out the Fishwife on Lombard! The best!



I believe I speak for most WW readers when I say that I don't give a rat's ass about the Grateful Dead ["Best of Portland," WW, July 25, 2012]. I love all the music of the '60s except for the Grateful Dead and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Although Jerry Garcia was very handsome before he got old and fat (lol).

—"Isaac Hudson"

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