Snow White and the Huntsman is beautifully, blessedly graphic. It goes far beyond threats of dismemberment and filicide. There’s the dark forest, which provides Snow White (Kristen Stewart) with questionable sanctuary but plays out like an LSD-laced fever dream, populated by banshee marsh creatures and every infestation imaginable. And, of course, there’s the queen (Charlize Theron) and her method for keeping things tight, which is a little bit bloody Countess Báthory, a little bit The Leech Woman. Theron, with her constant facial cracks and rejuvenation, fits of rage and bipolar lapses into quiet, pulls much of the film’s focus. It’s unfortunate that soldier Stewart was made to be so much the center of the film and its marketing. Another scene of Theron wining and dining on the blood of the innocent might have made for more compelling cinema.
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  • Also showing: Conan the Barbarian (Bagdad. 11 pm Friday, Aug. 3).