The Great Idea, Friday, Aug. 10, at Enchanted Forest

It's a show in a creepy theme park for kids. And Quasi is playing. Come on, what more do you want?

Pop-Up Pool Party, Sunday, Aug. 19, at Portland Meadows

Perhaps you've never heard of DJ Four Color Zack? He's kind of a big deal. And he's playing a


-sponsored pool the race track.

Laser Menomena,
Friday, Aug. 24, at the OMSI planetarium

's new album. Lasers.


. Dig it.

KPSU Kruise 2012, Sunday, Aug. 26, on the Portland Spirit

Two of Portland's finest young bands—


—hit the river to celebrate the radio station at PSU. This will be amazing, and so much cheaper than that Coachella Cruise.

MusicfestNW, Sept. 7-9 at Pioneer Courthouse Square

For the third year in a row,


's own music festival invades downtown. But this year brings Girl Talk to the Square, and that's unprecedented.