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August 8th, 2012 12:01 am WW Culture Staff | Scoop

Scoop: When Keepin’ it Real Goes Viral

This gossip will show you its tax returns.

scoop_realworld_3840CHRIS MATHEWS’ VIEW - IMAGE: Chris Mathews
  • LASER MOMS: For months, Menomena has been angling to give its forthcoming record, Moms, the laser treatment. However, to craft a laser light show looked prohibitively expensive…until the band found a loophole. “We discovered it was only $1,800 [as opposed to $10,000] to rent the [OMSI] planetarium without the techs,” Menomena’s Danny Seim writes. “As long as we’re cool with using the stock Pink Floyd lasers.... They’re not going to sync with our music, but I still think it’s going to be awesome.” At 11:15 pm Friday, Aug. 24, Menomena will present Dark Side of the Moms at OMSI. The band is charging just $5 for the laser show and a sneak peak of the disc. Says Seim: “I can’t wait to see where the cash machine and the flying pig end up!”
  • HIDE YO KIDS: Neko Case, playing a Pickathon festival overrun with babies and small children, made many references to kids during her performance Sunday night, Aug. 5. Case first referred to her own uterus as “pretty much a scab,” then discussed the prospect of eating backup singer Rachel Flotard’s new baby, Harry. Harry would, it was suggested, “taste like marzipan” if pan-fried. Flotard only had the child in the first place, the two singers agreed, so Case could enjoy it as a delicacy. “It was good loving you, Harry,” the pale-skinned frontwoman told the child from the stage. Case’s regular guitarist, Paul Rigby, did not make Pickathon, as his wife was giving birth in a Vancouver, B.C., hospital. In other news, Case told an adoring audience she would soon relocate to Portland for a month to finish a new album, and that during her stay she would be available for handiwork, including tile grouting and shed destruction.
  • NEW BEAU: Beau Breedlove (yes, that Beau Breedlove) is opening a “French dance cafe” called Vie at the South Waterfront (0315 SW Montgomery St., No. 150). “We’ll have a small area for slow-dancing and such, and later in the evening expand it to a larger space for dancing,” Breedlove tells WW. The restaurant at first will only offer dinner, serving Provençal cuisine: “A little bit larger, heartier portions,” Breedlove says. “Not Americanized French, like small plates.” Breedlove is the cousin of restaurateur Bruce Carey of Bluehour, Clarklewis and Saucebox.
  • STRANGER DANGER: The gadflies are buzzing all around the 28th season of MTV’s The Real World, currently shooting in the Pearl. Local blogger and former WW columnist Byron Beck has basically been live-blogging the filming. Now, blogger Chris Mathews (cgmathews.blogspot.com), who says he lives “right above the house,” is posting videos shot from his perch and alerting readers where the seven strangers are going out. “I started posting my observations on Facebook for my friends to enjoy,” he says. “A bunch of them suggested I start a blog about it, so I figured I’d give it a try.” His goal? “My dream is to find evidence that suggests The Real World is scripted.
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