This is a problem that has been looming on the horizon for years, and [The Oregonian] has nobody but itself to blame ["Stop the Presses," WW, Aug. 8, 2012].

I remember several years ago, to celebrate Oregon's 150th anniversary, it published a whole bunch of reprinted front pages from past years. I was struck by how much information used to be in the paper, compared to today.

The Oregonian barely qualifies as a newspaper anymore, but it wants a buck for what amounts to, essentially, a local version of "headline news." If it would go back to the older model, I think it could have success. I, for one, am sick of having all my news—especially local news—compartmentalized and truncated. There are, after all, alternatives for national news stories, but where can you go to find in-depth news and analysis of the 23rd-largest metro area in the country?

Certainly not this rag—[WW] can't afford to take any space away from those valuable ads for "sexual services."


When I returned to Oregon in 1999, The Oregonian had reporters stationed throughout the state. A couple years later, the regional offices closed. A couple years after that, staff reductions tore apart the investigative-reporting department and reduced deliveries south of Eugene.

Today, the level of news coverage and distribution hardly befits the paper's name. Too bad The Oregonian didn't aggressively acquire smaller dailies around the state and relaunch them as regional editions of its flagship. That would have strengthened its brand statewide.

—"Jared Castle"


Why the dig at [Ann] Romney and her horse? ["London not Calling," WW, Aug. 8, 2012.]

Three people own the horse, and by doing so provide a top-tier animal to the rider who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford her own horse and compete at an international level.

That same horse contributes to the local economy. There are veterinarians involved, there's the barn where the animal is housed and the associated employees, and there's a farrier as well.

So owning a dressage horse may be expensive, but it certainly has benefits to more than just the owners.



I'm a little sick of media people telling me what to think all the time ["Hotseat: Gary Johnson," WW, Aug. 8, 2012]. What happened to objective journalism?

"Gary Johnson...isn't going to win in November." Did you really have to say that? What gives you the authority to make statements like that? Do you have a crystal ball?


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