You won't find any woodruff syrup for sale in Portland. That's a shame, because it's just what we need to take Full Sail's excellent Berliner Weiss to the next level. In Germany, the slightly sour wheat beer is sweetened with a splash of bottled raspberry or woodruff syrup, taking on a pink or light green color. Woodruff, which tastes like an herby marshmallow, makes my perfect summer drink, but there's apparently some supply crisis in Europe. Happily, you don't really need it to enjoy this 22-ounce bottle, as Full Sail brewer Chris Haveman's interpretation of the traditional style strikes its own balance between tart and sweet. This unfiltered wheat beer gets that flavor from hersbrucker hops, a hardier cousin of the Hallertau noble variety, and a kiss of tart lactic acid. This style was once the most popular drink in Berlin, though its popularity has declined over the last century. Full Sail's version is good enough to spark a renaissance in these parts. Recommended.