I really enjoyed this article ["Buried Alive," WW, Aug. 15, 2012]. I was in Rockaday Ritchie and the Queen of the Hop and had a great time with the crew playing a traveling salesman who gets murdered while sleeping in his car.

I still remember getting yanked out of that car by a rope when I was being shot. When the camera was on the driver's side, I could land on a mattress. When they moved around to the passenger side, I had to land in the gravel.

—"Larry Hatch"

Go Don [Gronquist]! I'm glad to see he is getting some recognition as a local film pioneer. His film The Devil's Keep is a fun one to see, mostly in terms of creative use of Portland set locations.


Oh that brought back some memories of being new to town, and the only "film industry" was the porno movies and some of my arty pals making movies in their houses. We were actually having fun doing the work. Great article!

—"Marychris Mass"


Commissioner Amanda Fritz supports a less-costly, Environmental Protection Agency-approved compliance strategy for saving open reservoirs ["Running for Covers," WW, Aug. 15, 2012].

Hypalon-like covers would bring our reservoirs into compliance with the Long Term 2 Surface Water Treatment Rule without destruction of the reservoirs, and the cost should be a fraction of the costs of new covered reservoirs. The revision of this EPA rule (under way by presidential order) may save our reservoirs and pocket books, but we only reap the benefits of this rule revision if we have not destroyed the reservoirs and spent the money in the budget for building new ones.

I urge Mayor Adams and Commissioners Leonard, Fish and Saltzman to support changing the city's LT2 compliance strategy, as outlined by Commissioner Fritz.

This could save an estimated $138 million, protect recent $40 million ratepayer investment in open reservoir upgrades (still unpaid), and retain more water-storage capacity than buried reservoirs.

Sylvia Marks
Southeast Portland


I am an Eagle Scout who is gay. I am not sending my badge back, but I respect those who have chosen to ["Where Eagles Don't Dare," WW, Aug. 15, 2012].

The headline of this article is stupid. There is no reason to believe these officials don't "dare" to send their badges back. They just chose to protest in other ways, which is perfectly reasonable. 


What's wrong with an organization having rules of exclusion or its own views that differ from yours? What's next, the Girl Scouts are a hate group because they won't let little Jonny in because he is a male?


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