Portland may be the least religious city in the country, but something tells me the Reverend Nat will find his flock here. He may not save us from our fornicating or slothful or ass-coveting ways, but this new Woodlawn neighborhood cidery may just deliver us from the sinfully syrupy ciders that plague so many of our bars. Reverend Nat's Deliverance Ginger, a ginger beer/hard-cider hybrid, may sound like an unholy union at first—especially when you consider his flagship cider, Revival, is about as dry as a nun's tit—but yea, I bear witness that it is delicious. Ever so slightly sweeter than the basic cider from which it was made, it tastes of tart, fresh apple, kicked up with enough ginger juice to tickle, but not burn, the back of the throat. And lo, pour it over ice on a hot summer day, and you too will see that it is good. Recommended.