A common joke among music fans these days is to point out how Ice Cube, once the sneering, uncompromising face of West Coast gangsta rap, is now the star of family-friendly comedies and a commercial in which he allows a bottle of Coors Light to ejaculate frost in his face. But what about John Singleton? In 1991, the director's debut feature, Boyz n the Hood, tapped into the American zeitgeist's fascination with Los Angeles ghetto life. He cast Cube for authenticity but removed his genre's penchant for glorification and mythmaking and came away with a still-poignant dramatization of the plight of the African-American underclass. Flash forward 20 years, and Singleton's last movie was the Taylor Lautner action vehicle Abduction. Maybe that's not as big a fall as being forced to take a money shot from a container of shitty beer, but it's close.

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