Why does anyone think the literally thousands of existing growers would stand in line to sell their pot to the Oregon Cannabis Commission at a price controlled by the commission? These growers have been used to selling pot for about $200 to $240 per ounce to medical patients and thousands of non-medical smokers, too.

What is there about the law of supply and demand that the proposed commissioners do not understand? It is idealistic nonsense to think the commission can control the price of pot as it is bought and sold in Oregon. A price of $50 per ounce has been bandied about if this measure becomes law; $50-per-ounce pot will never happen!

—"Don DuPay"

The whole thing is moot as long as marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug to the Drug Enforcement Administration.... Much as I love him, President Obama and his minions seem to just love prosecuting users and growers. Sorry, federal law always trumps. People who think state-level legalization is going to make them safe have been smoking too much of their favorite plant.

—"Rick York"


The organization Jefferson Smith founded, Busproject.org, has registered over [70,000] new voters and counting ["Cracked Rearview," WW, Aug. 29, 2012]. When he says "a passive system will never take the place of voter education or voter registration drives," those aren't empty words—it's something he's dedicated considerable time and energy to.

It's very surprising to me that the article would fail to mention this notable accomplishment directly related to voter registration.


I like Jefferson Smith, but there is a growing body of evidence that says he isn't ready to be mayor. There is a real question of maturity. I am deeply troubled at the way he has continually blown off his responsibilities. Sure, we've all let a parking ticket slide, but there is a reckless disregard to the way Smith has handled his driving citations. It speaks to his character. I don't think he is a bad person because he is a bad driver. I think he is arrogant because he doesn't have to play by the same rules as the rest of Portland. 



I get it. You got a pile of cash when [Walmart] bought your company ["Value Shopping," WW, Aug. 29, 2012]. But at least don't insult our intelligence with meaningless marketing-speak about "believing in the brand." Portland can do much, much better than Walmart.

—"Buckman Res"

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