Having read this article ["Who's Listening to Diane Roark?," WW, Sept. 5, 2012], I found it chilling. Not only by the account from Ms. Roark and how she had been targeted in such an outright criminal way, but also by the federales' gestapo tactics against her.

These tactics have also been used against various people/households (including myself) here in the Northwest since last year.... So, yeah, it's pretty fucking clear this sort of pattern is being employed against helpless citizens, activists and whistle-blowers alike.

—"Damos Abadon"

Great article! Thanks for alerting the public to this. You've reinforced my desire to vote for a third-party candidate this year.

—"Freedom Lover"

Pretty darned disheartening. Between the fact that Google traces darned near every keystroke we make on a computer and our cellphone companies know our location every hour of the day and when the phone is turned on, the old notion of privacy is obsolete these days. Welcome to the 21st century.

Orwell wasn't wrong. He just had his dates a little too early. Men in black are everywhere now.

—"Bob Burns"


Thank you Darrick for sharing your story. And I hope you continue ["Notes From a Newbie Homeless Portlander," WW, Sept. 5, 2012].

There's a great quote from a Greek woman who was asked if she feels poor because she has no money (due to Greece's economic situation). She responded, "No, I don't feel poor. You are not poor when you have no money, you are poor when you have nothing to offer."

Know that your hands and mind can still do valuable things. Consider joining the PDXLETS network, the alternative currency system in Portland. It may open up a new universe of possibilities to you: pdxlets.com.

This economy is a fraud. And we keep pretending the U.S. dollar, land value and jobs are going to magically resurface as best in the world.



This is a wonderful read for everyone who either grew up playing Magic: The Gathering or got into it to play competitively and travel ["Magic Kingdom," WW, Sept. 5, 2012]. I miss it—road-tripping to new places, enjoying the sceneries, making new friends and acquaintances and, of course, playing MTG.

I was thoroughly entertained by the article, beginning to finish, and had a rush of nostalgia. Thank you, Pete.



Our story on the proposed Portland bike-sharing program ("Bike-Share Snare," Aug. 29, 2012) incorrectly reported the amount of federal funds allocated to the program. The figure is $2 million. WW regrets the error.

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