Meet Jackie Siegel. Half Miss Havisham, half Stifler's mom, she presides—in a state of well-intentioned oblivion—over eight children and a gaudy empire in Orlando. Three years ago, she was meant to be the subject of a study on decadence called The Queen of Versailles. But in the middle of director Lauren Greenfield's filming, the economy crashed, and this fortysomething trophy wife found her kingdom being foreclosed on. The Siegels had started construction on what would have been the most expensive single-family residence in the U.S.: a 90,000-square-foot mansion named—with no hint of prescience—Versailles. Between the camera and Jackie there's a sense of cautious intimacy; Greenfield seems to feel sympathy despite herself. But Greenfield hardly editorialized—this nouveau riche lifestyle was built on smarmy sales tactics from the start.

  • Showing at: Laurelhurst Theater.
  • Best paired with: Hopworks Velvet ESP.
  • Also screening: The Amazing Spider-Man (Academy).