A Weather
It’s hard for me even to talk about this band without getting all misty. They were so good and so heartbreaking, and I didn’t go see them enough. 
Eskimo and Sons

I'd be pushier about this if Wild Ones, which features three of the Sons, weren't such a fantastic band.

The Joggers 
Longtime Portlanders will tell you the Joggers should have been huge. They are right. 

Technically an Olympia, Wash., band, but drummer Lisa Schonberg lives here. I know she'd be as excited about a reunion as I would.

The Mint Chicks

After the Mint Chicks moved to Portland, I pitched


Editor Mark Zusman a story in which I would follow them to their native New Zealand and watch them play stadiums instead of dingy Portland bars. His response: "I'm not going to fly you to New Zealand."

SEE IT: Jarmageddon/Aryapocalypse, featuring the reunited Shaky Hands; Point Juncture, WA; Illmaculate; And And And; and others, is at Backspace, 115 NW 5th Ave., and Someday Lounge, 125 NW 5th Ave., on Friday, Oct. 5. 8 pm. $6 for one venue, $10 for both. Backspace is all ages, Someday Lounge is 21+.