Seattle's Elysian Brewing is the pumpkin king of the Northwest, brewing 13 different pumpkin beers and hosting a massive pumpkin brew festival that draws entrants from as far away as Norway. Elysian's nutmeggy Night Owl Pumpkin Ale is a grocery store staple, though I've always been disappointed in the weak glow of its jack o' lantern. Dark o' the Moon, the brewery's bottled pumpkin stout, is carved with an even duller knife. Malty porters are my preferred base for a seriously squashy brew, so this beer's hearty stout base seemed promising. But Elysian's stout is far too thick and meaty for whatever little decorative baby gourds found their way into the mash. Deeply roasty with chocolate notes and a little bitterness, it's a great beer for a chilly night. But three tasters agreed the pumpkin flesh and seeds don't come through at all. A decent stout, but a rotten pumpkin beer. Not recommended.