The level of unprofessionalism and what is clearly an unhappy-no-matter-what attitude completely discredit this entire article ["Square Peg," WW, Oct. 3, 2012]. Even if there was a valid reason for a negative review, slandering not one but three restaurants at once is completely uncalled for. Shocking.

This is my favorite restaurant in the Pearl District. I have had nothing but stellar service and cuisine at Jamison. And judging by the fact that it is completely packed every single night (with regulars, I might add—I live in the neighborhood), it's obvious WW completely missed the mark on this one.


This review is dead on except it left out the arrogant attitude of the workers. I have no interest in going back. Food too expensive. And drink [prices] off the chart. Go to Irving Street Kitchen or other Pearl restaurants that have great food and service. I live in the Pearl, so I know all the restaurants. I wish them luck.


It would appear that Michael C. Zusman has violated the basic rules of journalism: objectivity, transparency and professionalism. If a restaurant is really bad, it will die of its own accord. There is nothing to gain via a negative, mean-spirited review, other than editorial narcissism. This was a hatchet job and WW editors are at fault for allowing Zusman such acidic license.


These people crying foul [about the review] are probably owners or employees of Jamison. If the food sucks, expect a bad review. I trust WW's judgment of restaurants. Also, there are people packing Olive Garden and Sizzler, too. It does not make them good [restaurants]. 



Great job WW. Finally, someone is doing some real reporting on this tax ["Portrait of an Arts Tax," WW, Oct. 3, 2012].... Someone really needs to dig into the Regional Arts and Culture Council. Find out how decisions are made as to what art organization or artists will get this new $$ from the tax. How transparent has it been and will be in the future?


 I am not at all bothered by the defunding of art and music education. I have yet to be convinced of the value of such things. I would be perfectly happy if all such programs were completely removed.



I loved this whole series ["President of Beers," WW, Oct. 3, 2012]. I enjoyed the snark when it was there, and I learned a lot (seriously, it was like a class where I had to take notes) about the brewing scene across our United States.

—"John Marsh"

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