Reservoir Dogs is a shut-in child's mescaline dream of criminal cool. It is also the film that launched Quentin Tarantino's brilliantly infantile oeuvre. The 20-year-old Reservoir is, on one hand, a simple claustrophobic tale about a bunch of lowlifes and a caper gone south. But the plot's not the point. Reservoir is an ebulliently talky exercise in style by a permanent teenager whose mother does not understand him, a stew of '70s exploitation, French New Wave nonlinear narration, épater-le-bourgeois racism and David Lynchian mixes of the brightly banal and grimly violent. It is a movie desperate to be cool, and it is.

  • Showing at: Hollywood Theatre.
  • Best paired with: Miller High Life.
  • Also screening: Night of the Creeps (Laurelhurst), Jurassic Park (Academy).