[MISSPELLED BUT UNBOWED] The path Nucular Aminals took to get their third album out was a fraught one. The quartet had planned to travel to Chicago to work with illustrious recording engineer Steve Albini, then the funding for that venture fell through. And, while K Records released the band's second album, the label balked at putting out another full-length.

These added obstacles would have bowed a lesser band, but the Aminals forged ahead, recording Start From an End at Type Foundry Studio in North Portland and self-releasing the album digitally and on vinyl. The group shows no signs of wear from the process, either, sounding stronger than ever on this latest collection of minimalist psych-pop. 

In fact, the raw sound of an Albini recording session could have been Start's undoing. Here, the band is given its due, with Robert Comitz's crisp guitar playing and the fuzzy give-and-take between Jheremy Grigsby's bass and the melodies echoed via Erin Schmith's ever-present organ drones popping brightly out of the mix. 

The Aminals sound like they are a having blast, too. The album carries the jubilant pulse of a live show, giving the performances a loose swagger that serves both band and listener very well. 

SEE IT: Nucular Aminals play the Know, 2026 NE Alberta St., with the Whines and Tiny Knives on Saturday, Nov. 3. 8 pm. 21+. Call venue for ticket information.