Thank you for this article ["Restaurant Guide," WW, Oct. 24, 2012]. It's so refreshing to see recognition for a couple of food mavericks doing innovative things in Portland.

As you noted, too often it seems that new restaurants play it safe, going with whatever the dominant food trend is and giving diners nothing genuinely new.

I guess those folks are just reflecting what the marketplace wants—but it's a sign the food scene is maturing that a place like Aviary can succeed in Portland. I, for one, am grateful.

—"Alba S"

Congratulations! What a wonderful honor to be named Restaurant of the Year. The food is superb at Aviary. Everything I have ever tried there was delicious. Aviary is my all-time favorite restaurant.

—"Betty McKinnell"

Yummy, pig's ears—how many different dead-animal parts can we dice up into one dish?

—"Jason B"

Nostrana is "something of an Olive Garden for wealthy old-Laurelhurst residents." They do serve a good pie, but, although I have given them about five chances (I keep thinking I must be missing something), I have never had a good meal there other than their pizza. It's a puzzler why it gets on this list year after year.


No Noble Rot? It's always packed, has great food, and great views.

—"Jonathan Radmacher"


Wow! I wasn't aware anyone who is actively campaigning for the top slot in PDX was really commenting about the Portland Police Bureau and its shortcomings ["Policing the Police," WW, Oct. 24, 2012]. I applaud Charlie Hales for doing so.

And, of course, [Portland Police Association president] Daryl Turner would offer up claims regarding how inappropriate, even unfair, it is for someone seeking such position to cast such shadow upon the bureau. That is all that guy is about: PPB members doing no wrong, no matter what the circumstances.



I love to use $2 bills, but find it interesting the "feds" have a dim view of the Casa Diablo red bills ["Blood Money," WW, Oct. 24, 2012].... If "it's against federal law to deface U.S. currency with the intent to make it unusable," then I can't see the case against Johnny Zukle having much traction. He implicitly states he is doing the gimmick to get more into circulation, and to [create interest] in the under-used denomination.

It's a shame the government is using its strong-arm tactics on such a small issue. Perhaps they should instead harass the McDonald's manager and others who refuse to accept legal U.S. tender. Fight the good fight, Zukle!


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