Dethklok is not a band to be fucked with. The quintet ranks as the world’s seventh-largest economy, and almost single-handedly keeps the distilling industry afloat. Its concerts are so riotous they’ve claimed more willing victims of crowd violence than most wars. For six years, the band has starred in Cartoon Network’s wildly popular Metalocalypse, an animated series following the adventures of gravel-voiced frontman Nathan Explosion, Norse guitar god Skwisgaar Skwigelf, blowhard bassman William Murderface, childishly sweet rhythm guitarist Toki Wartooth and the Midwestern drummer known only as Pickles. Now touring in support of the group’s third record, Dethalbum III, Dethklok’s embarked on a national tour that’ll surely make Gorillaz look like the Monchichis. Here, the band responds to recent political events in the U.S., and offers tips for aspiring heavy-metal titans. You can read more of the interview here. 

Willamette Week: Pickles, what are your thoughts on Wisconsin's groundbreaking election results?

Pickles: The best politicians are gay, out-of-the-closet politicians. You don't want some closeted guy jacking off some dude in an airport bathroom and then turning around and supporting some ridiculous drug law because he feels like he's got to overcompensate because he's hiding something. I mean, come out of the closet and be gay already. Dethklok don't care!

Nathan, what advice do you have for kids who want to achieve your gravel-pit tone?

Nathan Explosion: I'm no expert, but I know what doesn't work: eating paint, eating a rock, eating broken glass, eating sandpaper, eating a rattlesnake. I've tried eating all these things to make my voice heavier and they don't work. They just make you shit horrible things.

SEE IT: Dethklok plays Roseland Theater, 8 NW 6th Ave., with All That Remains, Machine Head and Black Dahlia Murder, on Saturday, Nov. 24. 8 pm. $35 general, $50 reserved. 21+ balcony. All ages.