As a private-practice veterinarian and nonprofit no-kill shelter volunteer, I would like to say I find this idea completely disgusting ["Rent a Pup," WW, Nov. 14, 2012]. I understand what concerns folks have about costs for care—I have them too, but I simply can't imagine not being the one in control of my pet's medical-care decisions. Or when/if euthanasia is appropriate.

If you think you are relying on these people to make decisions in the best interest of your rental pet and to give you excellent medical care, trust me, you are sadly mistaken.

I went on an interview at a Banfield [Pet] Hospital out of curiosity, and was stunned at the amount of over-vaccination and unnecessary testing that gets done for pets covered under the "wellness plans." And I was directly told I was not to inform clients that the vaccinations or tests were unnecessary unless I was directly asked. Seriously? Owners count on me for advice and guidance, and I'm not allowed to give it unless it's printed in the manual?

Pets are members of the family and a lifelong commitment, not clothing you try on until you find an outfit you like. 

—"C S"

As a Hannah [the Pet Society] member, I know my pet is getting all of the quality care provided, without any added monthly cost for serious treatments.... Before you bash a company you clearly know nothing about, maybe you should do more research. Your witch hunt is giving a bad name to a company that is ultimately making it possible to provide the best care for pets at an affordable price.

—"Piper Lewis"

This is a disaster. Can you imagine the emotional toll this will have on an animal's psyche? It is like permanently being bounced around from foster home to foster home. It's completely irresponsible and ridiculous that a veterinarian is endorsing this business. I am appalled!


I have a "Hannah cat." I love it: All of my pet expenses are covered; my food, litter, toys and veterinary care. And it is all delivered magically to my door. It is easier and cheaper than doing it on my own.



If [Gov. John] Kitzhaber wants to make major changes in PERS, he took a peculiar path by giving [state Reps.-elect] Ben Unger and Joe Gallegos huge contributions ["Dr. Dough," WW, Nov. 14, 2012]. Both are steadfast public-employee union guys. Their Republican opponents, by the way, were at the forefront of PERS reformers. Of course, they were also rising stars in Republican circles.

Perhaps the governor will use his influence with Unger and Gallegos to get them to support PERS reform. If not, I've heard rumors there will be a qualified independent centrist running in one or both of those races on a largely progressive platform.


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