In some ways, a brewery or brewpub should be judged solely on the quality of its beer. But it's hard not to give Salmon Creek, Vancouver's only brewpub, a few extra points. Established by the Pratt family in 1994, husband Larry helmed the brewhouse while his wife, Ana, who was often the greeter and server, ran the business. They hired their son as chef. They were delightful, and still are, though they just sold the business to the owners of the 'Couve's best bottle shop, By the Bottle, conveniently situated next door. There's been no appreciable uptick in the beers yet, which means they remain merely serviceable. The Märzen has the telltale qualities of an Oktoberfest lagerbier—toasty maltiness that warms the gullet with each sip—but whether it's the hops used or a hint of not-quite-ready green flavors, this won't inspire imbibers to do the chicken dance all night long. Not recommended.

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