The Amboy Dukes, “Baby, Please Don’t Go”

Legendary blues song recorded by Big Joe Williams in 1935 that would go on to be covered by countless musicians, in a variety of styles. One of my favorite genres to DJ with—the blues—recharged for the inner-city crowd.


The Premiers, “Farmer John”
East Los Angeles rager of a Don & Dewey R&B recording. Dirty guitars replace horns, and I love the overdubbed “party vibe.”

The Standells, “Dirty Water”
When I hear this song, it actually just makes me think of the Austin punk band Poison 13, and the Mike Carroll/Tim Kerr-penned song “One Step Closer.” Both songs just make you want to go off—in the DJ booth and on the dance floor.

The Shadows of Knight, “Oh Yeah”
A great cover of the old Bo Diddley tune. Yet another blues workout that makes me think of what the Cramps did when mining the vaults in Memphis.

Chocolate Watchband, “Let’s Talk About Girls”
The driving psychedelic beat is so fun on the dance floor. And besides, who doesn’t like to talk about girls?

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