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December 12th, 2012 12:01 am WW Culture Staff | Scoop

Scoop: ART’s New Artistic Director Named

Gossip should have no friends.

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  • TED’S SHUTTERS (AGAIN): For the second time in precisely two years, Berbati’s venerable, once-essential live-music venue at 231 SW Ankeny St.—formerly Berbati’s Pan, recently Ted’s in honor of the late Ted Papaioannou—will close. After Dec. 31, Ted’s will be no more. “There hasn’t been much going on over there for a while,” co-owner Nick Papaioannou told WW over a beer at Berbati’s bar, which will remain open. “The time comes for everything to end. And maybe this is the time for this to end.” Papaioannou says in contrast to the last time the venue was shut down, Berbati’s has no plans to reopen the Ted’s space as a live-music venue.
  • CHANGING OF THE GUARD: Big news from Portland’s second-largest theater company: Artists Repertory Theatre last week named 38-year-old Dámaso Rodriguez as its new artistic director. Rodriguez co-founded the Furious Theatre Company in 2001 in Pasadena, Calif., as a scrappy artists’ collective—now known for its adventurous and original works—and spent four years as associate artistic director of the Pasadena Playhouse, a major regional theater. Bringing this range of experience to ART, Rodriguez will spend six months transitioning into the new role and working alongside departing artistic director Allen Nause, who has held the post since 1988. “I’m drawn to work that is really immediate, with great opportunities for actors, that results in a visceral theater experience,” Rodriguez tells WW. He’ll make his ART directorial debut in April with Jeffrey Hatcher’s comedy Ten Chimneys.
  • FOR THE RECORD: Portland music fans, make sure to circle Feb. 19 on your brand-new 2013 calendars, because that’s your de facto Record Store Day. That date sees the arrival of anticipated new albums from three of the city’s bigger artists. Biggest of all, perhaps, is Starfucker, which is releasing its third full-length, Miracle Mile, on the Polyvinyl label. Last week, the band dropped a single from the record, “While I’m Alive,” suggesting it is not moving away from its signature Technicolor electro sound. Also on that day, rootsy revivalists (and Willamette Week’s Best New Band in 2010) Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside are unveiling Untamed Beast, the follow-up to 2011 breakthrough Dirty Radio. Long-standing avant-pop dramatists Parenthetical Girls have an album coming out too—though it’s more of a pseudo-greatest hits collection, compiling the best tracks from the group’s recently completed Privilege EP series. Start saving now!
  • STYLE SWAP: As reported in The Oregonian this week, a pair of prominent restaurants are pulling a gastronomic Freaky Friday. The Bent Brick (1639 NW Marshall St.) is jettisoning its avant-modernist, leg-pulling menu approach—along with innovative chef Will Preisch—in favor of a “down-home” and “traditional” approach featuring a lot of sausage. Meanwhile, staid Genoa’s “classic Italian” food will be going modern in the person of chef Jake Martin, who’s skipping back down to Portland from Seattle’s How to Cook a Wolf to design a new, more nouveau menu. 
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