Interesting article and great insight on a guy who knows how to coach football ["Chip Kelly's Secret Offense," WW, Dec. 19, 2012]. I am sure all of us know people that are very good at what they do, may even be your current boss but they are very difficult people to be around. They take personal license with their position at work and feel that they are not paid to be kind or considerate, just be proficient at getting the job done and all sins are covered. Unfortunately, that is a very shortsighted view of life and our care for others and their point of view. I do not know Chip Kelly but am a 15-year season ticket holder and a big fan of the program. I greatly enjoy our success on the football field and am quite proud of the small part we all play as fans. But I am very concerned about Chip's lack of concern for what others think or feel about his actions, attitude and lack of any concern for how anyone (other than Uncle Phil) feels about him. He is borderline rude, abrupt, and uncaring about most aspects of his job outside of coaching kids on the practice and game field. We may try to alibi that away with excuses but fielding questions from the media and meeting/talking with program supporters and boosters has been a part of any coach's job since college football started. Chip's salary and perks are paid by us ticket holders, and just like any other "shopkeeper" in the world of capitalism and commerce we live in, we are in some measure beholding to their opinions and good will. Chip obviously does not see it that way, and the AD and administration of the UO have allowed him that latitude. That is unfortunate as it takes no more effort in his responses or daily schedule to be kind, considerate and involved with those of us that allow him to do what he does and get paid quite well for it. Thanks for the success these past five years, Chip; we appreciate your talent and effort with the kids at the UO football program. Now, go take your act to the NFL and flex your muscles and see what you can do there. For one, I am ready for you to move on and insult other folks with your lack of social graces. The UO has played football for over 115 years and will be fine without your childish actions.

"Jay Echternach"


You recently published an article about Vancouver's "lone" food cart, the Mighty Bowl, and clearly someone didn't do their homework [Eat Mobile, WW, Dec. 5, 2012]. The Wiener Wagon has been obviously located in downtown 'Couve since the 1970s. How can I know this for sure? I'm the owner's daughter, and I remember him driving me to school with the Wiener Wagon in tow for many of my formative years. I'm not here to plug my dad's business (because he's been in business for longer than I've been alive and doesn't need a lame plug), but I'm more here to poke holes in your journalism because I care more about food than politics. Now go get a hot dog from my dad and tell me it wasn't worth it! 

Lindsay Deacon
Northwest Portland

Editor's note: We see a difference between hot dog stands and food carts but understand others may not.

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