The tiny town of Parkdale doesn't have a stoplight, but it has a brewery. Journeyman brewer Jason Kahler took over the shuttered Elliot Glacier Public House last April, making his own brews in a former movie theater. In addition to well-crafted IPAs and oatmeal stouts, Solera works with little-seen styles like Dark English Mild. Save your growler for the highly sessionable Valley Weisse Sour Wheat. It's a peculiar beer: a dry, tart sour with only 3 percent alcohol by volume. Crisp and mild, there's a little green apple and a bready heft from the wheat base, but nothing that'll tire you after a glass or three. Solera pours most of its product behind its bar, but look for the odd keg at Saraveza in North Portland. If you see it, get a glass. Then another. And, hey, maybe just one more. Recommended.