Chocolate may have resulted from beer. According to a report in New Scientist, some archeologists believe chocolate—that is, fermented cacao beans—was created by ancient Mesoamericans getting their buzz on by drinking grain beverages like beer. Sorry to those of you who thought Young's Double Chocolate Stout was the first chocolate beer. Ashland's Caldera Brewing Company honored the passing of a beloved pooch named Mogli with this bourbon-oaked chocolate imperial porter, which is available at Belmont Station ($16.99 for a bomber). Both the style and the beer are a mouthful. It's certainly sweet, but nothing like a cloying milkshake syrup, and best served after a meal, either with dessert or as the dessert course. Let this chocoholic's wet dream warm up a little so the bourbon's vanilla notes reveal themselves along with bourbon-soaked tobacco. Recommended.