When friends asked why I was so enthusiastic in my support of Charlie Hales, I said, "It's time the adults were in charge" [“Return of Chucky,” WW, Jan. 30, 2013]. I thought I was speaking metaphorically, not literally. But it turns out that both seem to apply. 

"Edward Hershey"

I'm glad someone is doing some actual cutting of the budget. There has been so much spending for so long that I am sure there is fat that can be trimmed. I wish Hales good fortune in this endeavor. He will face many obstacles along the way, but it is the right thing to do.


This article is very soft and squishy. How about actually reading the city budget and union contracts and coming up with a top-10 cuts list? All the cuts mentioned wouldn't amount to .00001 percent. The real money is in salaries and benefits beyond what most enjoy. If they can't be reduced, eliminate positions.



Randy Leonard is a lying hypocrite, and I hope he gets fined and sued big time ["Double Standard? No Sweat," WW, Jan. 30, 2013]. What a scumbag.

"Phil Jones"

Nigel Jaquiss: Consider whether [Leonard's] personal life is worth such a gleeful knifing in your pathetic, bitter excuse for a "newspaper," and go home and hug your family tight. When I have time, I plan an in-depth profile of you as a news reporter, including the sourcing of some of your nastier takedowns. Honestly, I wonder whether you have any empathy at all.

"Matt Davis"

Leonard perfected the art form of making everything personal. He deserves every "gleeful knifing" he gets.... Exactly what empathy does Leonard deserve? He deserves it in exactly one area, and that has to do with his family/adopted kids. Beyond that, it's fair game, just as it was when he was occupying the bully pulpit (what an apt name).



Wow, Willamette Week, why are you attempting to vilify an organization that is seemingly only attempting to do good in our communities ["Strange Brew," WW, Jan. 30, 2013]. Also, it's abundantly clear from the content of this article that the city provided no funds for the actual bar, only funding to help restore a historic building that is part of an urban renewal area. Way to try and make a story where there is none.


The idea of a "church"-owned bar is highly suspect even without the aid of tax dollars. Damn it, PDC, if you are going to fund private enterprise, at least fund one that will garner some financial returns for the City of Portland.


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