"This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top," says Laura Dern's wayward Southern belle Lula, chest heaving as jailbird lover Sailor (Nicolas Cage in his Elvis phase) runs off to rob a feed store with Willem Dafoe. Dern might as well be summing up director David Lynch's entire philosophy. 1990's Wild at Heart doesn't pretend to be Lynch's best movie, but it's the one where his dreamy, outsized id runs freest. Lynch's lust for the world was always a child's, and Lula and Sailor are always children, though ruled by sex and chased by death: Sailor in his snakeskin, Lula with her pliable face always a grotesque mirror of the whole impossible world. Though pursued by assassins sent by Lula's mother and doomed to be caught by the law, the only thing the two care about is each sweet moment of love, burning love. Who can't get behind that?

  • Showing at: Hollywood Theatre, 8 pm Thursday, Feb. 14.
  • Best paired with: Laurelwood Free Range Red.
  • Also showing: Skyfall (Academy, Laurelhurst).