Her performance of “Spell” that night, during which this photo was taken, appeared on the 2002 compilation Land. Photographer Jeff Bizzell recalls what happened after the show:

"[Patti Smith] came back to town, it wasn't too long after, and I tried to get a print of the photo to her. I gave it to her road manager and asked him to give it to her. And he took it, but I had the feeling, you know, that he wasn't going to do it. So, the next time after that she came back to town, she did a poetry reading at Music Millennium, and [owner] Terry Currier wanted me to photograph it. Afterward, he introduced me to her, and I gave her a print of the picture. She said, 'I wish I knew this existed. This is from the version we put on the album. We would have used it.' I told her how I'd given it to her road manager, and she said, 'Oh, that ass—that's one more thing he didn't do for me!' So, I came close to having a bit of recognition there. It would have been nice.” 

(As told to Jeff Rosenberg.)

SEE IT: Patti Smith plays Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside St., with Saint Maybe, on Tuesday, Feb. 26. 8 pm. $32.50 advance, $35 day of show. All ages.