I keep asking my friends and family to keep an eye out for a Dr. Know compilation book for sale somewhere. Does one exist? You crack me up and keep me well-informed about the world every week. Thanks!

—Sutter W.

Honestly, Sutter. The "Dr. Know" column has appeared in this newspaper—which we give away for free—every week for the past three and a half years. Just root through that huge pile of WW back issues in the bathroom and make with the scissors and glue stick. In no time, you'll have your very own "Dr. Know" book—and it'll be better than one from the bookstore, 'cause it was made with luv!

OK, maybe not. The truth is, I get this question a lot. (Thanks, Mom!) Since I've done 180 columns without once pausing for shameless self-promotion, maybe it's time to confront the unlikely hypothesis that someone might want more of whatever this is. Activate the Pimp-Ray!

Did you know I'm on the radio every week? I have a segment on 105.1 FM the Buzz's Daria, Mitch and Ted Show on Fridays, in which I try to talk about science while the show's hosts make fun of my small penis. It's a hoot!

This usually happens at 4:30 pm, but sometimes it gets moved. When that happens, though, the revised time is always on my blog—that I totally have! It's at martysmith.com (suck it, other Marty Smiths). There's a Facebook page, too (facebook.com/martysmithpdx).

As for the book—well, would anyone out there want to read it? (Or, for that matter, publish it?) Such a volume would fall squarely in the "books for people who are currently taking a dump" category, but that's OK by me—those people are my people. What do you think? Send your votes and/or stool samples to dr.know@wweek.com.