In an alternate universe, or in other hands, the 1990 cult creature feature Tremors would be damned to infamy as a Syfy original movie. This is, after all, a film about a bunch of gun-loving rednecks in a small desert town battling gigantic, flesh-munching subterranean sand worms whose mouths are full of writhing phalluses. As it stands, though, one of those rednecks is Kevin Bacon, the gigantic worms look incredible, the deaths are gnarly, and the tone mixes comedy and action with penis-shaped tongue firmly in cheek. It's one of the most fun camp experiences you can have without getting poison ivy.

  • Showing at: Laurelhurst Theater.
  • Best paired with: Lompoc Proletariat Red.
  • Also showing: Sound City (Hollywood), Rise of the Guardians (Academy).