Beer Valley Brewing's pot pun isn't so ridiculous. The hop flowers used to embitter beer are cousins to cannabis, and the two Cannabaceae have plenty in common when they're fresh and sticky. The beer itself, on the other hand, is an exercise in absurdity. Born during the so-called hop shortage of 2008, this monster imperial India pale ale weighs in at 9 percent alcohol and more than 100 international bitterness units. The threshold for tasteable bitterness is hotly debated, but many claim the human tongue can only taste up to 80 IBUs. Even if you can taste the extra 20, Leafer Madness, available at grocery stores like New Seasons, is overkill. The Eastern Oregon brewery overused the most expensive ingredient in beer in a time of shortage just for giggles. The resulting brew is sappy green and resinous, with little flavor beyond biting bitterness from a grab bag of what tastes like whatever assorted hop shake was lying around the brewhouse. Hard-up hopheads will hit this, but I want better nugs.