Oregon should legitimize its current huge cannabis industry with an eye toward the eventual nationwide market, and position its growers and processors for global domination ["Endo Days," WW, Feb. 20, 2013].

A good place to start [would be] with low barriers to entry that bring the maximum number of people into the industry, and a tax structure that makes Oregon pot the most competitive price-wise. Oregon's pot market can be more diverse, dispersed and craft-oriented than Washington's and Colorado's. It could be like craft-brew Oregon beer. More permits means more innovation, variety and lower prices....

Make sure legalization is about jobs. Legalize your supplier and the world around you: It will lead to having the best pot anywhere on the planet.


Ganja Jon ["Oil Baron," WW, Feb. 20, 2013] is also a man of great honor in the cannabis community, a breath of fresh (cough) air.


This article makes pot sound like a crazy drug that makes you dumb and everything so amazing ["You're Not High in Portland Until..." WW, Feb. 20, 2013]. Please don't represent us anymore.

Anything that would sound silly to do after drinking two beers also sounds silly to make a big deal of doing while high. It's just not that big of a deal. Giggling about it like a college freshman doesn't help the case for legalization.



This is the definition of boondoggle ["Making It Up as They Go," WW, Feb. 20, 2013]. Millions spent, no consistent plan, no real need and no support except from those who will profit from it. Meanwhile, 50 percent of the roads in Portland are in poor shape. Shut this thing down.


Please contact Gov. John Kitzhaber and the state representatives listed in this article to let them know that Oregonians do not support leveraging our future to obtain $450 million for a doomed project.

—"Michael Murray"

My own reluctance about the Columbia River Crossing is tied to the likelihood that it will turn Interstate 205 into a parking lot filled with motorists avoiding the toll on I-5.

—"Edward Hershey"


I'm a Caucasian Montavillian who is incredibly proud to live in a predominantly Asian neighborhood ["Avenue of the Roses," WW, Feb. 20, 2013]. I love it here and love to see us growing and making 82nd a better corridor.


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