We had more than 70 teams come out to compete in the third annual Cartathlon!

Working in teams, costume clad Portlanders raced around the city deciphering riddles and performing food-cart challenges. 


  • Overall winning team with the most challenges completed and best score went to THE CARTIGANS!
  • Best costume went to team THE LAST SUPPER! They won $150 worth of gift cards to Mississippi Studios/Bar Bar.
  • Best team name went to SHUT YOUR CART HOLE! They won $150 worth of gift cards to Mississippi Studios/Bar Bar.


Cartigans = 5,425

Team Robots = 4,850

Gourmet Gluttons = 4,825

Carte Asada = 4,800

Douche Canoe = 4,600

SmartToCart = 4,500

Mrs. Zs Electric Cock = 4,475

Karte Diem = 4,375

There Will Be Tentacles = 4,375

Fuzzy Goblets = 4,125

Lord of the Fries = 4,100

Rap in the Rip City = 4,100

CART is Cookin = 3,885

Salmon Nation = 3,875

Glitter Bomb = 3,850

Sexual Chocolate = 3,775

Black Eyed Peas = 3,550

I want my MTV = 3,550

The Shortcakes = 3,450

Raiders of the Lost Cart = 3,300

Etouffe, Brute = 3,250

Half Cart Alligator Half Man = 3,100

Paula Deen Personal Training = 3,050

Carte Diem = 2,850

If your team isn't listed or if you'd like to get copies of the pictures uploaded on Cart Compass app, please email promotions@wweek.com and we'll get them to you as soon as we can.

We'd like to thank everyone who participated and our fabulous volunteers!  A big thank you to the following carts: Big-Ass Sandwiches, Koi Fusion, Nikki & Lefty's, Burgatroyd, Pyro Pizza, Potato Champion, Flavourspot, Grilled Cheese Grill, Gonzo, and Whiffies Fried Pries!

Cartathlon was generously sponsored by Car2Go, Ninkasi Brewing, Happy Cup Coffee, Secret Aardvark Trading Co., and KIND Healthy Snacks.

Scroll through the event pictures below! Event pictures by V. Kapoor.