A man walks into a bar...

"...and says to the bartender, 'I'm looking for a priest, a rabbi and a nun. Have you seen any of them?' The bartender shrugs. He's heard it all before. He doesn't even care enough to say the lines anymore. He thinks back to his first love, the one that truly got him. They had been young then, the bar had been new. They had welcomed the jokes, thinking they would bring in business. 

But they were wrong. The relentless march of premises in and out of the door, the men and babies and Texans and lawyers and thieves—they rarely bought anything and hardly ever tipped. The bar fell into disrepair, became a joke itself. The struggle became too much and his love had left him.

The man had left too, the bartender realized, coming out of his memory. He was alone now, again, as he had always been. Then suddenly, from the back door, he heard a noise. 

Knock knock. 

The bartender looked up. Maybe this was something different, something new, a joke that nobody had ever heard before. What choice did he have but to answer?

Knock knock.

‘Who’s there?’” 

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